Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Intentions

I am a bit late with my weekend intentions this week!  Due to a back injury and an impromptu trip away, I didn't really make a plan for the weekend, besides getting home and getting better.  There were a few things which I needed to achieve this weekend though, which were:

* Catch up on study for the Uni subject I am doing by correspondence and complete an online assessment.
* Try and get ahead by a few weeks on this subject by listening to the lectures and starting my assignment. 
* Tidy up my study and get it in a state that I can actually use for Uni work (we've been using it as a guest room).
* Write a meal plan for the coming week.

I have completed the first one and made a start on the second one.  Thankfully today is a public holiday so my weekend is not officially over yet and I can get the other plans finished today. 

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