Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend Intentions

Gorgeous Ali over at Chocolate & Bubbles has started Weekend Intentions:

"I'm sure most of us do it.. At the beginning of the weekend you have a list of things you are going to do over the next 2 days. You know, to make the most of your days off. Somehow, Monday comes along and you didn't do any of it. I know I do this. And once Monday shows its ugly face, I tend to feel like I wasted my weekend.

So, I thought I'd start 'Weekend Intentions'. The goal is to list at least 3 things that you want to do over the weekend. Whether it be to catch up on the TV shows you've taped during the week or paint that wall you've been staring at for 6 months. Link it back to here & then on Monday share how you went with completing that list."

So, here goes:

My Weekend Intentions:
1. Plant the new flowers I have bought and do some more garden tidying
2. Tidy my study and get stuck into some Uni work, including studying for the test next week!
3. Get up to date with both the ironing and the shows I haven't caught up on, preferably at the same time!
4. Get to the gym *at least* once
Join in by posting your Weekend Intentions on your blog, and sharing the post back at Chocolate & Bubbles!


Horto said...

I am going to:

1. Go visit my brother and his new 6 week old staffy/heeler cross
2. Organise my electician mate to come around and assess what needs to be done and lock in a date before I get murdered in my sleep
3. Go to the gym to make up for missing this morning cos I didn't sleep a wink all night
4. Pick some herbs fresh from the garden for the first time to make pizzas for dinner

Ali said...


Horto said...

I didn't get onto the electrician.