Monday, July 26, 2010

Study Time

The university semester has started, so I am working on getting used to being a student again. As all of my post-high school education was done via distance university studies, it is certainly a strange feeling to be back on a campus. Admittedly, part of that strangeness comes from being in classes full of people 10 years my junior, but I am slowly finding my place.

The best part of commencing studies has been creating my study area at home. We have moved our guest bedroom downstairs to a bigger space, and I have moved myself into what was the guest room upstairs.

A trip to Freedom ensued and the following purchases were made...

White linen curtains with a subtle stripe to cover the wooden venetians and give extra privacy:

Office chair, though mine is red (white was out of stock and I'd been fighting myself over red or white):
A dining table to use as my desk. I wanted wooden and white and it was impossible to find exactly what I wanted in a good use-able size:A simple white wooden bookcase:
I am very happy with how it is all coming together, and will post some photos soon of the completed room.