Saturday, March 26, 2011


A couple of days ago I went to my lecture at Uni as normal but left early as my back was hurting. I decided to drop in and see grandpa on the way back to work as I had a few spare minutes. Turned off into the street where the hospital is and drove a few metres before realising...

He's not there anymore.

It hit me all of a sudden, and I felt so bad that I'd forgotten. Mostly though I just felt so desperately sad that he is gone.

I really didn't realise it would be this hard and that there would be just so much I want to tell him. I think about him every day and miss him terribly.

On Tuesday it is 5 months since he died, and it feels like forever since I last saw him but also feels like no time at all has passed as the pain is still so bad.

Does it ever get easier?

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Jaime [SWHHW] said...

I hate it when that happens. It was that way for me when my Nan passed away.

It does get somewhat better over time, but the pain is still there for me. I think of her all the time and miss her as much as ever.

Hope you're ok. x

Ali said...

I have never lost anyone I was close to, so I can only imagine how hard it is for you. Especially consdiering how close you were to him.
I just wanted to give you hugs & love xxx

buttonlove said...

Thank you girls xx

Teneal said...

It gets easier. The early days are so hard, that sudden realisation, remembering what some days you push to the back of your mind.

Your grandfather was so lucky to have you, and so much love. In time I hope it's easier for you, but until then just remember that although it hurts, it is because it comes from a place of such love.

Hugs xo