Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dessert Time: Toblerone Mousse

Last night I made Toblerone Mousse for the in-laws...

It is delicious! Creamy and chocolatey but with crunchy little pieces of nougat all through it. Yum!

Toblerone Mousse

300mL thickened cream
3 egg whites
300g Toblerone

* Whip the cream until thick and fluffy.
* Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form.
* Melt 250grams of the chocolate.
* Chop the remaining 50g of chocolate and set aside.
* Fold the whipped cream into the melted chocolate until combined.
* Fold in the beaten egg whites until the mixture is fully combined and fluffy.
* Pour into serving dishes and sprinkle with chopped chocolate. 
* Place in fridge to chill until set.


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Ali said...

Oh Em Gee that looks amazing!!

Romina Garcia said...

I think I want to cry right now. This recipe is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
Thankyou for introducing it into my life.

buttonlove said...

I know, amazingly delicious and healthy too! What more can you ask from a sinful dessert?! ;)

CamillaS said...

Yum, Yum, Yum!!