Monday, October 25, 2010

Courtyard progress

It's been a while since I've updated - Uni studies have been in the way but now exams are over, study is done and gardening begins.

Over the weekend we started pulling out the rubbish in the side garden and around the courtyard. It has become quite overgrown and the area is full of plants we don't want, so we've cutting, pruning, pulling, destroying!

The courtyard is currently a warzone of branches, ferns, whole bushes and plants, and the mulcher is making an appearance this weekend to help get rid of it all. The trashpack people are dropping one off for us to fill, and I am unreasonably excited about this.

I have made a few decisions about the courtyard area now, and my plan is:

- Remove the ferns

- Plant the San Jose magnolia where ferns are currently living

- Plant calla lillies along base of magnolia

- Buy a large round pot for water lilies to live in

- Decide on the rest of the plants to fill the courtyard area

- Kill the weeds / moss growing through pavers and on fence

- Cover unsightly fence with lattice

- Install lighting

- Maybe install decking over current pavers (maybe...)

With the ultimate goal of:

- Build (or buy!) gazebo/ pergola structure to cover the paved area

We have a lot to do...! Will update with some pics shortly. :)