Monday, February 28, 2011

Repaint: OPI From A to Z-urich

A new shipment of OPI has arrived... bringing my OPI collection to 30 bottkes... and my total nail polish collection to a number that I don't want my husband to know. ;)

Love this colour, it is OPI's From A to Z-urich.

Sunday in the Garden

I did some more work on filling in the gaps in the garden, but got a little carried away with all the bulbs I bought and ended up doing more work on planting them than anything else.

These are the bulbs I planted:

Dutch Iris (my favourite flower)

 "Lady Derby" Hyacinth 

Ranunculus "White Cloud"

 Snowflakes White Bells

Hyacinth "L'Innocence"

Anemone "Pretty Pink"

I have planted them in a line in front of the house, but got a little carried away and also couldn't remember what I had planted where, so they will probably grow all over the place. I don't mind though.  I put some in pots too, so we should have a bit of colour round the grounds!

I also bought these too to add to the collection of "man-fern-hiding" plants:
Hebe "Annie's Winter Wonder"
 and a Holly Fern:

I really don't enjoy gardening. It is such hard work and gets SO much dirt under my fingernails. I am sure that when I start to see flowers growing and man-ferns being hidden, I will feel like it has been worthwhile!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anniversary Love

On Thursday it was our 3rd wedding anniversary. We don't stick to tradition here, we buy each other what they want, whether it is in line with the traditions or not. 

I was completely spoiled. Hubby did some amazing wrapping:

I finally have a GHD and I LOVE it!

We both took the day off work on Friday to spend the day together. Hubby told me he had organised a lunch and dinner somewhere but wouldn't give me any clues. Just as we were about to leave, he told me to pack a bag, as we were going away for the night!

He wouldn't tell me where, but I was so happy to arrive at Piermont Retreat in Swansea on the East Coast and find he had booked us into a gorgeous spa cabin for the night.

The weather was a bit murky but our cabin was cosy and the spa was warm!    

Hubby took me to a nice little bakery for lunch and we were booked in for dinner at a gorgeous restaurant, called The Banc, which is housed in an old bank building:

It is beautiful inside, and the meal was just fantastic.

We shared a taste plate for entree, which included gravlax ocean trout on seaweed salad, broccolini with balsamic vinaigrette, chicken satay on fried noodles, and lamb kofta.  We both had the same main, which was (quoting the menu here) "dry aged grass fed black angus beef - aged minimum 21 days – roasted pink eye potatoes, banc aioli & mixed salad  & house dressing". Amazing. 

Dessert was white chocolate brulee with fresh local raspberries for me, and a mixed iced gelto plate with chocolate wafers for the husband.

It was such a perfect little break, and a huge surprise for me. I feel very spoiled and so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. :)

In my garden...

In my garden there are manferns galore. I am not a fan. I find them to be beastly horrible furry things that just stand there looking quite creepy.

I have been wanting to get rid of them since we moved in, and a few weeks ago, after attempting to knock one over through the use of a shovel, mattock, hoe, and when all else failed, a well-placed kick or two(!), a friend of mine staged an intervention.  She loves man-fern and decided that it was time to come over and commence "The Great Man Fern Rescue". They took 5 of the enormous beasts, which leaves another 5 or 6 "men" in our garden.

I was planning on getting rid of those last ones too, but they provide so much privacy from the neighbours that I have decided to stop fighting them, and embrace them instead.

I still don't like the fact that they look so stark standing around in the garden so have begun work on filling in underneath them. I want lots of greenery, some bushes that hide the ugly brown trunks, and a few flowers here and there.

This is the site:

I have planted two little plants so far, a cordyline and a hydrangea. They don't make any difference whatsoever yet but I can't wait for them to start growing and fill up some space.


Ugly spiky hairy man-ferns:

And we also finally planted my white magnolia:

It has a few buds on it and seems to be going strong in its new spot.

I bought some new pants yesterday and some bulbs too. Mum is coming over this afternoon to give me her opinion on where to plant them.

Hubby bought a greenhouse yesterday and has started transplanting his seedlings into it, so if all goes to plan, soon we should have vegetables coming out of our ears.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Have you entered...

to win a gorgeous sewing prize?

I have!

You should too!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mummy's Boys

<3 these little monkeys

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Repaint: OPI Just A Little Rosti At This

Love love love this colour. Such a gorgeous deep cherry red, I usually have it on my toes but decided to go all out tonight!

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Dreaming Of...

A new handbag...

Sunshiney beach weather...

A weekend away with the boy...

A new hair straightener...

Some time to relax...

The end of my detox so I can enjoy some of this...

Nom nom, can't wait.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Update

February  has been a crazy busy month.  It started witha girls long weekend to the Gold Coast, where I had a bad fall and sprained my left wrist and both arms! Besides that (which happened on the last morning there) it was an amazing trip, filled with lots of girl time and fun... shopping, champagne, pedicures, gossip magazines, cocktails, eating, and dancing 'til our feet ached.


This was followed by another enormous weekend which started on Saturday with breakfast out with hubby, a day of shopping for new bits and pieces for my garden and hubby's greenhouse project (the latest obsession), dinner out with friends and then on to a cocktail party and lots of champagne...

LOTS of champagne...!

My friends and I even made it into the paper's society pages at the cocktail party:

Sunday was the Hobart Cup. I love the races! Love the atmosphere, dressing up, wearing a pretty hat, sipping champagne, watching the horses prepare and run, everything about it!
We had such a fun day, hubby had a few wins and I had a few wines. I think that makes a good day all round. ;)

Thankfully Monday was a public holiday and we had a relaxing day... did some gardening, cleared some old plants out, planted some of the new flowers we bought, hubby set up some more seedlings, and then... we rested. :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Repaint - OPI Over the Taupe

Current nail colour is OPI's Over the Taupe. I think it looks like melted chocolate so it is quite distracting and causes a few cravings!

Here it is:

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