Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Has it really been and gone already?!

We had amazing weather this weekend so we were out and about enjoying the sunshine and blue skies.

On Saturday Husband and I went to the local home base and spent hours wandering the stores looking at furniture, electrical things, plumbing, hardware, camping goods, and more.

We picked a new couch and armchairs for our loungeroom (YAY!).
We spent some time with family burying my Grandpa's ashes on my uncle's beautiful property by the river that Grandpa loved and spent so much time on.

We watched some movies:
^ Confusing.
^ Crap
We took more photos of our beautiful boys! Yes more!

Oh I LOVE weekends... just wish they weren't so far apart!

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Ali said...

I love the sound of that home base shop!! I want one!
BTW I LOVE the photos you get of your beautiful boys & their snuggles <3