Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Llama Thing

My husband has a bit of a thing for llamas. Nothing weird. They are just his favourite animal

His website has llama in its title.

When we went to NZ I organised a Llama Trek as a surprise for him.

 He loved it, this was his chance to be at one with the llama.

 I even did the trek with him. Now I like llamas too.

I am not one to buy crappy presents, especially if they are going to be displayed in our house. I had this photo framed for our 1st wedding anniversary.

As I don't want to turn our home into a Llama Shrine, I am selective with what I buy him.
But every now and then, something catches my eye and I can't resist.

I found this on eBay a few weeks ago and had to purchase.

And I couldn't really leave this one behind, entitled "Llama in Cab New York City" (love the vintage cars)

Then I found this little guy, and I knew he would fit in well in Husband's study
And then I stopped, as I realised I was showing something nearing Husband's obsession, and that is never wise.


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