Monday, January 10, 2011

Kitty-cats. Gift wrapping. Monday Pain. Blog award.

Our kittens, Roy and Billy, are settling in so well.

They love each other so much and seem to be pretty happy with us too! 

We love them, they are such great company, they make us laugh and sigh in adoration over and over again.

Just recently a beautiful friend of mine lost a very dear pet. I sent her a little gift to let her know I was thinking of her

It arrived today. She said she loves it. :)

Was today the longest day ever? I think so. I seriously struggled to make it through.  The light at the end of my Monday-tunnel today was lettuce burgers for dinner. Since making the burgers yesterday, I couldn't wait to eat them tonight. Small things.

One last thing. A big THANK YOU to April over at Birds Eye View for the Stylish Blogger Award. I will answer this and pass it on in my next post. Thanks April!

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