Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Study Time

I have been neglecting my study since Uni ended for the year.

 We have had to put a bed in there for guests who have visited a 
few times in the past couple of months.

The bed will be moved downstairs shortly into the 
special space I want to create for guests.

I use my desk for wrapping gifts, but besides that, 
it hasn't seen a lot of activity. 


On Sunday I started tidying it up a little and 
sat for a minute looking around me. 


I love my little space, it is getting organised 
and starting to really come together.

Uni starts up again mid-March so I have a bit of time to get it 
ready for some serious study time!

So I get to start buying stationery again shortly 
{my favourite part of going to Uni!}.

^ This is above my desk. 

A little collection of things I treasure. 

It makes me happy to look at it. <3

1 comment:

Teneal said...

Love your study! Ours is just full of random crap. Yours is so pretty!

Stationery is one of my favourite parts of uni too - I am obsessed, gives me a proper reason to buy it!