Monday, January 3, 2011

Kitty love

My sister and I went into the city the other day to go shopping, and to visit the annual food and wine festival known as The Taste of Tasmania. It was a beautiful sunny day, and driving home we decided to stop in at the cat's home to see if there were any new cats or kittens there needing a home.  

There were. 3 kittens had been brought in from the same litter, they had been fostered in a carer's home, but brought in for adoption.  One was tiny, obviously the runt of the litter, and craving affection. When I picked him up he curled up in my palm and fell asleep, and did the same when I gave him to my sister to hold. His brother and sister were absolutely gorgeous too but this little one had stolen my heart, so I brought him home.

Here is Roy:

He is a beautiful loving kitten and when I brought him home he had fun exploring but was very timid and shy.  So the next day I decided to go back and get another one to keep him company.  I wanted to get his sister but she had been adopted, so we brought home his big brother instead.

Meet Billy: 

They adore each other, and spend every moment playing, cuddling, wrestling and grooming the other.  We are so happy to have these beautiful boys in our life!


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