Sunday, December 12, 2010

False Start

Why is that when you decide "Today is The Day", something pops up to knock you back on your booty and muck up all your plans?!

I am sick! I have a horrible cold, complete with all the bonuses of Killer sore throat, alternating blocked / runny nose, terrible cough, all-over-yucky-feeling, and poor-me self-sympathising to complete the collection.
So the plan of amping up the exercise, sorting out my food plan and being generally healthy and hearty has had a False Start, and I have done no exercise, have eaten whatever is closest to hand (when I actually feel like eating) and have just felt generally blah.

BUT... in other news, I ordered new sneakers from the US on Monday and they arrived on Friday. Who knew postage could be that quick, especially at this time of year?!

They tick all the boxes. Nike. Tick! Black but not masculine. Tick! Comfy. Tick! Sparkly. Tick! (Ok so sparkly wasn't on my list of must-haves for sneakers, but it is always a bonus.)

So once I shake this cold, I am lacing my new shoes up and hitting the gym! In the meantime I am sitting on the couch, watching hubby vacuum and watching The Hills re-runs. ;)

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