Saturday, December 4, 2010

Going down

My weightloss journey has hit a few speedbumps lately.  Things have slowed down, reversed, kept going, reversed a bit more, come to a complete halt, then reversed a little more.

Lots of the above in NZ didn't help my cause
Motivation has come and gone. I find myself, shortly after committing to a diet, munching on chocolate and chips.  I know that my health is at it's best when I follow a low GI, lower carb diet, so why do I put my body through the trauma of ingesting high amounts of sugar and other rubbish and feeling awful both physically and mentally afterwards...?  I tell myself "I don't care", "I have lost this much, I can do it again", "I will start again tomorrow"... But I do care.

So I have put on a few kilos.  

I am so far out of my healthy weight range that my mini goal weights don't even start with the same number as that of my (maximum) goal weight.  I have a few goals in mind.  People constantly tell me that I don't look like I weigh as much as I do, and I don't want to become a skeleton (yeah, 'cause THAT'S gonna happen!), so I plan to reassess as I reach my goal weight, then possibly set another goal.

The yo-yoing ends HERE. <- at that full stop 

I am going to the gym this morning to re-instate my membership and get back into daily exercise.

No more self sabotage.

I am going to make good choices that reflect my healthy lifestyle.

I actually feel really excited about getting back into the gym classes that I love, like BodyPump, BodyCombat and RPM.  I know once I get into a routine again, I can stick to it like I did before and love it.

My bathroom scales tell me all kinds of awful things, like how much I weigh, my body fat percentage, BMI and bone density. I am going to start recording the stats here as a bit of accountability / motivation.
SO here goes...

Weight: x7.8 (ok maybe I am not brave enough to post that first number yet ;) )
Body fat %: 35.3
H20: 47.2
Bone density: 7.0
BMI: 31.3



April said...

Good luck sweetness! You can do it, I know you can!

Lilli said...

We should urge each other to get back into the gym! I need a gym buddy xx

sofrenchysochic said...

Thanks girls! It is a tough road to get back into it and get used to the aches and pains that come with starting again.

Sounds good to me S xx