Saturday, December 4, 2010

New House: Lounge Room

When we came through the house at the first open home, we were a bit umm... "stunned" at the owner's choice of colours. Firstly, they had exactly the same 2 colours on the lounge room walls as us - dark chocolate and creamy latte, which was surprisingly lucky. Secondly, they had decided that blue was the best choice of furnishing to go with these colours. That I found to be stunning (shocking?) in itself, however they had gone on to accessorise with white, yellow, and a range of other inappropriate shades.

The "before" (real estate) photo:

And the "after":
We are currently in the process of deciding on new couching options. The one that I have my heart set on is a ridiculous price and will involve years of favours and bribes being paid to my husband if we do buy it. This is it:
It is the most comfortable lounge that I have ever sat on, and it is enormous. The 4 seater is just SO big, the picture doesn't show its size but my husband and I sat at each end and it felt like there was about 2 metres between us! This is the gorgeously comfortable and prohibitively expensive matching ottoman:
Sigh! I am in love. I think we need to go for a drive tomorrow to look at our options and have some serious couching discussions... and maybe begin negotiations.


April said...

Much prefer your version!!! I don't get the blue, but maybe they painted just before selling and couldn't afford (or didn't) want a new couch? I know I hate our green couch, but live with it as it was a very expensive gift. In our new house it will have a new home, that is for sure!

As for your couch, oh my, that is pretty! Is it leather on the arms, and suede on the chair cushions?

sofrenchysochic said...

I much prefer out version too. I don't know what the previous owners were up to, but hopefully that was the case, and not intentional!

The couch I want is gorgeous buttery soft leather body and base with soft fabric cushions. It isn't suede (I have had my fill of suede with our current "in between" couch, which has stayed with us a lot longer than planned), just a really nice fabric.

I am not sure I want to spend *that* much on the couch but I think it is definitely worth it.