Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday in the Garden

I did some more work on filling in the gaps in the garden, but got a little carried away with all the bulbs I bought and ended up doing more work on planting them than anything else.

These are the bulbs I planted:

Dutch Iris (my favourite flower)

 "Lady Derby" Hyacinth 

Ranunculus "White Cloud"

 Snowflakes White Bells

Hyacinth "L'Innocence"

Anemone "Pretty Pink"

I have planted them in a line in front of the house, but got a little carried away and also couldn't remember what I had planted where, so they will probably grow all over the place. I don't mind though.  I put some in pots too, so we should have a bit of colour round the grounds!

I also bought these too to add to the collection of "man-fern-hiding" plants:
Hebe "Annie's Winter Wonder"
 and a Holly Fern:

I really don't enjoy gardening. It is such hard work and gets SO much dirt under my fingernails. I am sure that when I start to see flowers growing and man-ferns being hidden, I will feel like it has been worthwhile!!

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About Last Weekend said...

Oh my gosh ! Hyacinch! That takes me back to when I was living in London and I used to plant those gorgeous purple- stunning. Also love Hyacnith Bouquet from that TV show....