Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Update

February  has been a crazy busy month.  It started witha girls long weekend to the Gold Coast, where I had a bad fall and sprained my left wrist and both arms! Besides that (which happened on the last morning there) it was an amazing trip, filled with lots of girl time and fun... shopping, champagne, pedicures, gossip magazines, cocktails, eating, and dancing 'til our feet ached.


This was followed by another enormous weekend which started on Saturday with breakfast out with hubby, a day of shopping for new bits and pieces for my garden and hubby's greenhouse project (the latest obsession), dinner out with friends and then on to a cocktail party and lots of champagne...

LOTS of champagne...!

My friends and I even made it into the paper's society pages at the cocktail party:

Sunday was the Hobart Cup. I love the races! Love the atmosphere, dressing up, wearing a pretty hat, sipping champagne, watching the horses prepare and run, everything about it!
We had such a fun day, hubby had a few wins and I had a few wines. I think that makes a good day all round. ;)

Thankfully Monday was a public holiday and we had a relaxing day... did some gardening, cleared some old plants out, planted some of the new flowers we bought, hubby set up some more seedlings, and then... we rested. :)


Ali said...

What a fab start to February! Especially the 1st weekend ;)

Natalie Murray said...

Girls' weekend looks like fun... I miss those! N x