Monday, August 16, 2010


I adore magnolias. I love that their branches look so twiggy and their flowers are like amazingly coloured balloons. They are just so beautiful. Yesterday hubby took me to the local nursery and I was allowed to buy two.

I picked these ones:

Lennei Alba "Magnificence"

San Jose

I can't wait to plant them. We have had a windy and wet couple of days, with even some snow today so I don't want to plant them just yet... plus we have a bit of clearing to do to for the spots they are going into.

Aren't they just stunning?


April said...

I love magnolias, and have six alone the fence of our dog run, however they get to the bud stage of flowering and then stop :( I wish they would bloom.

sofrenchysochic said...

Oh no! I hope that doesn't happen to ours. We probably should have bought some of the more established ones, but will have to see how we go I think. How long have you had them in?

April said...

they have been in for almost two years. I think I need to fertalise them. Right, off to google it now, rather than complain about it this time next year ;)