Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Old House, New House

In the move from my old laptop to the new, I had to do some sorting of files, photos, folders and found some pictures of our old house. Saying goodbye to the old house was so hard. I love it so much and we had made it really cosy. I thought I would share some pics to show you our little place.

Firstly some real estate pictures of the house BEFORE I bought it:

Scary bathroom:
Main bedroom:
Lounge room (yes it looked like this and I still bought it):
Lounge room from another angle:
Original kitchen:

And then I moved in and made some changes:
New bathroom:

Guest bedroom:
Dining area:
Lounge room:

Main bedroom:

It sold within 2 weeks of us putting it on the market, to a couple from Sydney who saw it and loved every single part of it. Knowing they would love it as much as I had made it a little easier to sell, but it was still hard!


Faux Fuchsia said...

Hi just to let you know I just drew my raffle and you were the winner! I will post this on my blog tonight and could you reply with your name, postal address and mobile- I won't publish the post but will give it to Willow at RPE to send!

sofrenchysochic said...

Thank you so much FF, I am beyond excited to have won! I have sent my details through to you. :)