Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New house, new style.

So we have bought a new house. After months of to-and-fro-ing through the pain of building inspections, council certification, and reports from surveyors, engineers,and various tradespeople, we have moved in.

It is 30 years newer than our old house, and it is a home we can see ourselves living in for many years to come. With all the years of newness however, comes 30 years less character and charm. I guess it is up to us to make our mark by building our life here, and the house will take on some of that personality as the years go by.

I have no photos to share yet. The only pictures we have of it are the ones from the real estate advertisement, containing the previous owner's mishmash of tasteless and tacky furniture. Once we are settled and have unpacked the seemingly endless pile of boxes, I will share photos.

A snap decision was made to purchase this newer, bigger, (possibly) better house, and all of a sudden our beautiful little home was on the market, and sold within a matter of what felt like minutes (actually 2 weeks).

While it was a very hasty decision to move, it was still a tough one. For me.

The husband couldn't wait, after having cursed our old house every time its 50+ year old wiring, plaster or plumbing caused a problem, stalling renovations over and over again. I bought that house when I was single though, and lovingly created in it a cosy, comfortable place to live, love, and be. The connection I felt to the house was very strong, and I anticipated that the pain of leaving it would be unbearable. The final time we went through each room though - closing doors, drawing curtains, saying goodbye - it no longer felt like where my heart was, where I wanted to be. The bare rooms seemed ready to welcome a new family, and my belongings were elsewhere. Sure, the paintwork looked lovely, the curtains matched the rooms perfectly, and the chandeliers glinting in the sunlight made me catch a sob in my throat, but I was ready to move on. To our home.

So here's to our new home.

I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.

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