Thursday, July 7, 2011

I love getting parcels!

I have placed a few online orders lately that are slowly trickling in to my letterbox. I just love getting parcels!

One that arrived yesterday was another nail polish order from the USA.

{excuse the messy desk}

Included in this order were the following polishes:

China Glaze:
Cracked concrete
Swing baby
Below deck
Sea spray

Iron Butterfly

Bastille my heart
Brand new skates
Lincoln Park After Dark suede
Skull & glossbones

Just a few to add to the collection!

Unfortunately one bottle smashed in transit, so everything got a bit covered but some nail polish remover fixed all that!

I bought a grey crackle (China Glaze Cracked Concrete) to try to get myself into crackle polishes but I think they are just not my thing. I tried it over the red I was wearing yesterday and I think it just looks strange!

Hopefully some more parcels show up soon!

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