Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pots & Plans

I have found the red pot I have been dreaming about. I haven't bought it yet due to the self-enforced wait-until-the-courtyard-is-cleared-and-ready phase has passed, but I desperately want it and am planning to transplant my lemon tree into it. So here is the little beauty, and some other bits I found at the same store:

My courtyard is currently filled with my husband's prunings and offcuts from the rest of the garden so it has delayed my plans even more. Truthfully though, I am quite happy to stay inside in this freezing cold weather and am using that as an excuse!

I am just about to start studying again, so have decided to turn the guest room into a study for me. It's only fair, as hubby has his study, and our rooms downstairs can be turned into a guest area - bedroom and lounge. I am very excited about this little project as it doesn't involve any painting, and involves me buying furniture, stationery and pretty things. Yay!


Di Tikte said...

I like your blog and you have good taste :). Have a great day!

sofrenchysochic said...

Thank you Di :)