Monday, February 9, 2009

Something red

So I want something red for my kitchen. Something red and fabulous. I have a red spatula. I have some red tea towels. I have a red colander. I need a red Kitchenaid.

Love. It. Want. One.

Another thing on my one day list. ;)


Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I love red kitchen accents-- it's the color of deliciousness.

And when you do get the Kitchenaid mixer (which are unreasonably expensive in Australia)-- make sure you get the tilt-back one, not the one that lifts straight up-- very important.

Wow, I'm bossy and I don't even know you. (found your blog thru fat mum slim)

stepforddreams said...

I second that advice. I have the red deluxe model which happens to be the stupid one that lifts up and down instead of tilting. I hate it so much I want to throw it out the window but that bastard thing is so heavy all I can do is bitch slap it and wish I'd chosen the regular one.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Totally stepforddreams-- I almost chucked mine out the window too I was so mad I didn't even know they made ones that didn't tilt back-- I bought it on ebay and couldn't return it.
What a freaking waste.

Jaime said...

It's gorgeous! I'd love one too, our kitchen is predominantly black and white so would look brilliant.

sofrenchysochic said...

Thanks for the comments and tips ladies. I think that my Chinese-water-torture style of constant Kitchenaid related hints are (finally!) starting to have an effect on my husband. I hope so anyway, if not, I will either continue until they do, or just buy one and forget to tell him. Although, I spotted a Kitchenaid food processor recently and I think that may come before the mixer... but that's another post. ;)

Liss said...

I have the tilt back one (Artisan) - and I was ALL FOR getting a red one, we have so much red in the house, it's my fave colour... but in the end I got a pearl metallic because it is a 20+ year investment red would date IYKWIM.

I love my kitchenaid..